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The Perfect Gentleman – Clothing and Accessories for 2023

by Vidyanand Jha 16 Jul 2023 0 Comments

When is it appropriate to wear a suit in 2023? We would say anytime and anywhere. Unless you only carry keys wherever you may go, suits are a stylish way to be organized and tidy. Neutralize that three-day stubble and your unpolished favorite Oxford shoes with a classic suit you bought online. Considering the number of people that visit a bank counter, it's a joy for the bank teller to see someone spruced up in a clean suit with a light dab of eau de toilette, adding to his gentlemanly garb.

Will any suit be appropriate to wear everywhere? No, buy a classic fit suit with enough pockets and space for your smartphone and money clip or wallet. Slim-fit suits can be uncomfortable for long durations and need regular ironing. Finding the right tie is easier, but knowing which shape of shoes will not look weird requires experience. We stock Luchiano Visconti clothing for our online clients, which makes it easy to find a zany shirt for your classic fit suit.

3 Golden Rules

Let's look at some invaluable advice when picking a suit

Online or offline – some of the best deals are available for clothing online. It could be any time of the day or night, but you can shop till you drop. If you are someone who doesn't like a classic fit suit, the offline store is the ideal option for quick delivery and a trip to the changing room to ensure a snug fit.

Budget – You could spend anything from $10 (thrift store) to $5000 (Savile Row) for a suit. But $200 to $2000 is the average price that most gentlemen can find something they like. More specifically, budget fifty percent of your monthly salary for your suit with all the related accessories – shoes, shirt, and belt.

Fabric – If you are given a choice, always select the 100% wool suit. There are variations in the percentage of wool, like 70%, 50%, or 30%. Blends aren't a bad option because they are affordable. But they are inferior to a pure wool suit. If you are spending over $500 to $1000, it should be 100% wool. Buy a classic suit in navy, charcoal, or gray, and avoid light gray and blue because they're too casual. Black suits are for black-tie events.

Remember to keep your hair looking healthy, fingernails trimmed, and teeth sparkling to carry off any suit which isn't ridiculously designed. Peruse our hand-picked collection online and buy a classic fit suit while the prices are at their lowest. Add some casuals from Luciano Visconti clothing and du jour sets of silk ties with hanky from our delectable collection to your shopping cart.


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